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We are a mobile computer repairs & IT Support business that operates on the Gold Coast. We started the business in late 2008 and are still providing great support to home and business users today.  We provide exceptional customer service, advice and service that is friendly and approachable. We are very well priced, friendly and fast.

If you are a home or business user that requires a honest computer or IT service on the Gold Coast, you can trust that we can do the job and help you in every way.

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

We can remove viruses and other malicious programs from your PC or Laptop. book a one of our tech’s to sort out all your virus issues or anti-virus programs.

Laptop Computer

Laptop Repairs

Your all in one laptop repair service. We fix all issues from system failures to hardware replacements such as screen, keyboard, hard drives.

Desktop Computer

Computer Repairs

All computer repairs we fix on the spot, any issues with hardware or software, we fix it all, our work is guaranteed for 14 days.

IT Services

IT Services

Every business needs IT services, its the core of running a business today, We help businesses everyday with fixing various levels of issues so that the business can run smoothly again.

HDD Data Recovery

Data Recovery

99% Success rate data recovery, all our customers that have used out data recovery services have had their data recovered successfully. All is NOT lost.

Digital Marketing

Everything Internet Related

We offer many online services a business needs. We can help with your website, email, Web hosting, online marketing and much more.

What out customers are saying!

My business takes me all around the world so if there is any problems with my websites or personal computers, Dan can fix it any where any time. Very comforting knowing I have an excellent IT support. Col Maslen 

CEO – Colin Maslen Marine.

Computer Repairs Gold Coast | IT Support Gold Coast | Laptop Repairs Gold Coast

Computer Repairs Gold Coast

PC GENIE offers Computer Repairs Gold Coast to many customers, our repairs are available to all customers that are home or business computer users. As we all know computers can be frustrating and send you crazy when things aren’t working as they should.

We can help with a vast array of services, with saying that we aren’t just good at fixing computers, we will provide you with excellent response times, you can take advantage of our same day repairs, professional individuals doing the job, that know what they are doing.

We guarantee all of our computer repairs for 14 days after we have completed the job, so if the same issue comes back we will happily return to fix the problem. Our computer repair services include fixes for many issues such as the following:

  • Slow and painful performing computer – we can check what programs are running in the background causing the computer to be slow, and we always check your computer logs for hard drive issues.
  • Upgrading that old computer – we check to see how much memory your computer has, most computers have usually 2GB to 4 GB of ram, and if it’s capable of having more RAM we will upgrade it…that will speed things up!
  • Software Issues – common windows errors that pop up, missing programs on start etc. the list is endless, but we can fix any system errors that you may have.
  • Failing to start up – There are many issues that can cause a computer not to start properly, hardware issues including hard drive, graphics card or cable issues.
  • Data Recovery – Lost your files, photos or documents? No fear, we can successfully recover all deleted data from your computer. In the event of hard drive failure there are other means. Read our forensic data recovery and what it means.
  • New computer setup – If you have just purchased a new computer, you ask yourself how do I get all of my photos, documents and emails to the new one. Well, we can help you! We have done this thousands of times before.
  • Printer setup to your computer – Wires or wireless, are you confused? Its easy for us, we can setup that printer to your wireless router or have it shared on the network so that all users in your home or office can print to it. Make sure when you are buying a printer it is capable of connecting using USB, Wireless (WiFi) of Ethernet Cable (Networked).
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) – This is quite a common occurrence with computers. They can be caused by computer drivers, windows update and a failing device in the computer. Sometimes hard to diagnose, but the process of elimination using allows us to find the culprit.
  • Virus Protection and Computer Security

And much much more…

If you require one of these services or are experiencing one of these common computer issues, please contact us to talk about a solution or service that we can help with.

IT Support Gold Coast

Have a business that requires a reliable and expert team to sort out all of your IT issues? Or make your IT better than what it currently is?
We provide IT support Gold Coast to many small businesses and most of our services are tailored to suit small business needs. These services include things like:

  • Email Hosting – We lease our email servers through one of Australians biggest hosting companies, so your email systems will never be down.
  • Website Hosting – We have many plans to offer at great value. Unlimited email account creations, unlimited website storage and you bandwidth for download and upload is unlimited as well.
  • Cloud Exchange Services – Our email exchange systems allow you to have exchange server but without the cost. Based on monthly plans you can synchronise your emails, contact and calendar across of your devices, without fuss!
  • Networking – Data sharing a must, gone are the days of sharing data the hard ways. The way we setup our small businesses allows the users to share data between offices and on the fly.
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance – Choose to just use our IT Support on ad-hoc basis or sign up to a monthly plan to benefit on costs associated with IT issues.
  • Disaster Recovery Plans and Data Backup solutions
  • Server Security, Network Security, Firewall and VPN’s
  • If your IT is bogging your business down, call us for an obligation Onsite FREE IT Audit today.

Laptop Repairs Gold Coast

Laptops are the most frequently damaged portable device we have in technology today. With users carrying their laptops to and from work its most likely to take a hit, jolt or be dropped, causing something to fail.

If your laptop requires some attention, then we can help. We can change any make or model laptop part, and fix any systems issues that you may have. Our Laptop repairs Gold Coast service include:

  • Cracked Laptop Screen Replacements – We can replace all brands Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, IBM Asus and all other laptop screens.
  • Keyboard Replacements – Sticky keys, broken keys or the one key failure! We can replace any brand keyboard.
  • Upgrades – We can make that slow laptop fast again, how do we make it fast? Its easy for us, we can upgrade the RAM 8GB, 16GB, 32GB the choice is yours or if you have sufficient RAM we can clone your hard drive and update it to a Solid State Drive (SSD). The SSD make your computer boot in just seconds and make the performance of your laptop exceptional!
  • Windows Issues – Widows 7 To 10 we can fix glitches, niggling issues. Everything Windows we can do.

We can fix many other issues like laptop not starting up, Blue Screen of Death, hardware and software, if you have an issues that’s not mentioned here, still call us I am sure we can fix it!